BAE Hawk 127 Lead In Fighter
Cockpit & Nose Correction for Airfix Hawk 100
R&R Models
Scale: 1:48
Brett Reynolds of R&R Models has recently produced a correction and conversion set for the Airfix Hawk 100 kit that allows us to turn it into the RAAF's Lead In Fighter (LIF) Hawk 127. Despite the fact that Airfix provide decals to do a RAAF machine, it is simply not accurate to use a 100 kit to build a 127 Hawk.
Figure 1 The bulk of the conversion is in the cockpit area with replacement tub, seats, instrument panels (glass cockpit), HUDs etc. A corrected nose is also provided as well as an upper fuselage correction (just behind the cockpit). Figure 2 The seats are nicely detailed and molded. Two MB. Mk.10 seats are provided, each has a distinct harness arrangement adding to the realism.
Figure 3 The Hawk 127 LIF was purpose built by BAE for the RAAF to simulate as closely as possible the glass cokpit of the F/A-18 operated by the RAAF. R&R have accurately created the two panels needed. For great reference photos, check out Darren Motrams Hawk Pages Figure 4 A rear view of the instrument shrouds reveals a high level attention to detail. These highly visible sections on the finished model will look the part.
Figure 5 The main tub has again been completely replaced. According to the instructions (see Figure 14), removal of a lot of plastic from the kit fuselage halves is required for a snug fit. Figure 6 How Airfix managed to get the nose profile of the 100 series Hawks so wrong, I do not know. R&R have re-profiled the nose and detailed the wheel well along the way. The panel line detail here is well done.
Figure 7 The nose section as seen from below. The kit nose wheel strut should slot straight in here. Figure 8 Attention to detail is evident in this shot of the nose wheel well.
Figure 9 The left (port) cockpit side wall detail. Be careful when removing the flash as these parts are very thin. Figure 10 The right (stb) sidewall.
Figure 11 The set comes with two sprues of rudder pedals, control column and HUD. Figure 12 The upper fuselage plug with extra detailing and correction replaces the Airfix kit part 47.
Figure 13 Finally the cockpit rear bulkhead has been detailed up and directly replacesthe kit part. Figure 14 The two page B&W instructions come complete with useful pictures that ensure the correct sequence of assembly is followed.